Thursday, September 04, 2008

Erasmus 2.0: Toronto

I am now reliving my days as an exchange student vicariously through my new exchange student flatmates. They are from France, and have, relatively speaking, tons of friends from their uni here in Toronto. Their European, Erasmus (the EU-wide exchange program) attitude is so much fun to see and take part in. It is easy to see that they are more relaxed about things, breathing fresh air into the uptight-ness that Toronto can often exhibit. Last night we had a little party at my house, which consists of seven girls, and the mix of people was great.

Okay, I wrote that about a week ago, and now I am finishing this post. Last night I went to a party at a house where five exchange/international students live. Once again, I had an awesome time. I love reliving my exchange year. The year-abroad attitude is a relaxed, easy-going one, where people introduce themselves and chat freely and the beer in the fridge is for anyone to grab. My Toronto experience in my first two years wasn't really like that, at all, so this is refreshing and I've barely had time to miss Berlin.

I'll write more about Toronto later. Right now I need to do readings and laundry!